Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ebisu: Sushi Chef creation

This is a bit of an unhelpful post because the item I'm writing about is not on the menu - however, I have to tell you anyway.

I was recently in San Francisco, and a friend took me to eat at Ebisu.  Sushi?  Yes please.  [as you know]

We sat at the sushi bar, looked through the menu - and when it came time to order from the Sushi Chef, I requested my typical tuna and avocado roll - but asked him to add jalapeno.  He smiled and asked I was open to fish eggs and spicy mayo.  I said yes, though not much mayo.  I was curious what was going on - I guess this is my own fault for not sitting at sushi bars more often.  Little did I know, he was about work some serious sushi magic on my boring little request.

My dining companion and I fell into conversation, aware that he was rolling up sushi for both ourselves and other diners... All of the sudden, our Sushi Chef was torching - yes, using some sort of flame tool - our roll of sushi - and it was mine!  He'd put the jalapenos on top of all the other deliciousness, and was torching them to get more flavor out of them.

This is what was then handed to us:

It was AMAZING.  Literally some of the best sushi I've ever had.  No idea what it cost, but really don't care.  (I don't think it was too crazy, though.)  THANK YOU SUSHI CHEF.  

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  1. That looks spectacular! I love sushi and have had it with Jalapenos before, but flame to the pepper would have added so much more!

    I very much like your blog and look forward to when you get a book deal! :)