Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Mandy B's Cupcakes

Sure, the cupcake craze hit Chicago a few years ago - but me?  Me, I've been a fan of cupcakes since little kid birthday parties :)  In my life of cupcake eating, I can confidently tell you that the BEST place to get cupcakes in Chicago is Sweet Mandy B's.  [and yes, I've had "Sprinkles", etc.]  All of Sweet Mandy B's flavors are good - my faves are red velvet or just plain chocolate or vanilla.  With sprinkles on top, naturally :)  $1.25 - $3.50 apiece, depending on size.

SINCE I like y'all... I'm going to give you the bonus of: "How Holly Likes to Eat Cupcakes."  You may be tempted to call it quirky, but I'ma go ahead and call it a "best practice."  Haha.  [Whatever - I'm a little different, but at least I'm entertaining!]

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